Hotel or Villa?

Why do we choose villas over hotels for our personal travel?


The majority of our clients come to us seeking help when looking for a private rental villa. There are several factors in why we prefer villas over hotels and here are just a few!

  • Your. Own. Space. -Say it loudly for those in the back! We value our space, especially in a place that we don’t normally frequent. Hotels are great for the party scene, but when we want peace and quiet, we need our own space.
  • Cleanliness. We can’t control how a hotel chain cleans its linens, floors, or even cups (gross!) But we can choose to work with companies that are held to the highest standards and there are protocols in place if the cleaning isn’t what it should be. During COVID we are all more cautious than we used to be and having a clean space is high on the priority list.
  • Value. Often we can find more value in private villas than we can find in a hotel in the same price bracket. What would you prefer, a 1 bedroom hotel or a 2 bedroom villa with a kitchen? We don’t want to cook on vacation but just having the option makes us feel like we have a little more freedom!
  • Private pool? Yes, please! Who wants to share a pool when you can have one all to yourself? Private pools are not hard to come by, however, the earlier you plan your vacation, the more likely we are able to secure a villa with one for you!

We don’t hate hotels but we love villas more! Do you still prefer a swanky hotel over a villa? That’s okay too, we’ve got you! P.S. find the perfect combination of the two in a condo option!

Finding the perfect villa

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