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Diamond Compass Travel combines over 22 years of experience to not only provide the best service in over 7500 destination locations, but local knowledge that is unparalleled in the industry.  Our professional team of Destination Agents are career travel industry experts.  Luxury Vacation Villas, Chartered Yachts, and Private Jets, while working with Diamond Compass Travel you will have peace of mind knowing professional services are provided every step of the way.

Experience brings connections. Whether it is unlisted exclusive opportunities or extended services, Diamond Compass Travel has access to several off market Villas, Yachts, and Jets not accessible to the public.  Our high standards throughout the whole travel experience has created elusive partnerships with the most elite local owners and management.  Regardless if you are looking for a simple getaway, or an elaborate escape, Diamond Compass Travel can assist in all travel desires.

Our Mission

Diamond Compass Travel’s mission is to bring extensive knowledge to any travel desire, and ensure that every vacation surpasses expectations and delivers memories that last a lifetime.  Knowing the best opportunities available are presented, every reservation with Diamond Compass Travel provides the most elite experience.

A deep rooted passion for travel and world experiences, Diamond Compass Travel exhausts endless possibilities to present opportunities aimed to exceed expectations.  Diamond Compass Travel successfully create moments that will remain etched in your heart forever.

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"Great customer service.  Great vacation!"
- Mary Ann
"Ashley's local knowledge made our vacation the best we could imagine.  She was genuine and suggested a bunch of great things to do.  Will book all my future travels with her."
- Graham
"We couldn't find a home for our needs after looking for 2 weeks, but Diamond Compass was able to find exactly what we needed."
- Derek
"It was great talking to someone that had not only knew the area, but was able to line up transportation to ensure we got to where we needed to be without all the hassle.  Would book again."
- Dee
"We looked for over 5 months for a winter home getaway.  Diamond Compass made sure we saw everything we would be interested in as it became available until we saw the right home.  Great team."
- Jonah
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