Destination Inspired Home 

Destination Inspired Home 

Recently we built our forever home. I knew when we started creating our custom house plans that I wanted to add in touches of luxury from different destinations that we have been in. This was a simple way to make our home feel a little bit like when we are on vacation!

The interior of our house is almost finished now but our decor is still very basic. We decided to wait to unpack the rest of our storage unit as it is VERY cold here in the winter and carrying boxes in negative degree weather just didn’t sound appealing. I’m more of a 90-degree beach-day kind of girl, so you can guess which one of us made that decision, ha!

The most loved feature of our house that I’ve designed based on luxury places that we have been was our Master Shower. Originally our draftsman was reluctant to draw our bathroom to what I asked for, but in the end, we drew it out ourselves and implemented it while building. 

This room is approximately 8’ x 9’ of pure luxury! The bits and pieces of luxury places include putting the tub right into the walk-in shower, creating one large wet room. With a BIG soaker tub and two rainfall showerheads, we feel like we are at a luxury resort every day! The room is completed with a swinging glass shower door. What do you think? Did we do alright?

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