Beach Dreams

Beach Dreams

I’ve never been able to put into words the exact feeling that I have when I step foot on the beach. I’ve always been a water baby and the beach creates a sense of calm that I can’t seem to find anywhere else. As an adult, I realize there is more to the science of why my brain and body love the beach, and why others are drawn to it too!

The Earth has negatively charged, and when you walk barefoot on the beach you are “grounding” to the Earth. The pressure points in your feet combined with the sensory feels of the sand are soothing for most people. This isn’t the only feature of the beach that creates calm. The colors, sounds, and scents of the beach are also key factors in how your brain reacts. The ocean is a glorious shade of blue-green, often shown in an ombre mix of the two colors! Blue is a cool color that is well-known for the calming effect it has on the brain and is often used in peaceful settings such as spas. The sound of the ocean replays in a rhythmic pattern that is used in meditation. This whooshing white-noise is often used to calm colicky babies! Tying it all together is the salty scent that freely flows through the air. Catching a trace of a scent that is closely related to a beach memory can bring back that feeling from when you were toes-deep in the sand.

Next time you’re in front of the ocean, notice how all of these factors make you feel!

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